The Little Pamir Extended

From the Tip of Afghanistan to a More Connected World

A research project on the Wakhan Corridor.

by Tobias Marschall

Little Pamir, Afghanistan. © 2015 Tobias Marschall


The main objective of this project on the upper Wakhan valley and the Little Pamir is to document the pastoral existence of Kyrgyz and Wakhi communities and their relations to outside worlds. Previous scholarly works suggest that local pastoralism, in conjunction with concomitant relations to different centres (economic, religious and political), is a viable and sometimes profitable alternative in today’s more interconnected world. We aim to understand how pastoralists cope with the geopolitical setting and harsh climatic conditions of this high-mountain region and what role intermittent connections through trade, religious and development networks play. We intend to grasp the scope of current challenges and opportunities for the different actors in the region.


We will experience during two months fieldwork the challenges of living in the "remote" Little Pamir while traveling on the pathways of the region and walking with different groups on the move. In living with, walking with, observing, filming and photographing, we intend to reflect people's lived experiences and affective knowledge as well as to capture traces of the complex perceptions and forms of dialogue between ourselves as researcher and participants.


Our aim is to present the processed material online in the form of a multimedia documentary including a variety of formats, such as text, photograph, video and audio. An archive of photographs and a contribution to the CESMI blog ‘My Take on…’ ( will complete the report on the journey. Finally, the publication platform will be expanded onwards as further materials will be processed.

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