09 Nov 2016

The Little Pamir Extended: from the Tip of Afghanistan to a More Interconnected World

CASI Research Seminar, American University of Central Asia, Bishkek, 16:00, Room 220

Tobias Marschall

Photo: Tobias Marschall, 2016


Afghan Kyrgyz are situated at a unique crossroads in the Pamirian knot. Both on the periphery of contemporary religious, cultural and political domains as well as on the pathways of ancient trading routes, their particular location opens a variety of complex exchanges between different stakeholders. Afghan Kyrgyz have negotiated this ever-changing geopolitical settings and have constantly reconfigured their relationship with dominant powers and adapted a high-risk, high-reward pastoral existence necessary for survival. Their resilience in the face of constant external change can be attributed to their extensive knowledge of the Pamirs' environment, the subtle deployment of regional networks, and the shifting use of existing pathways for local, regional and international trade. Building upon two journeys in the Afghan Pamirs (summers 2015, 2016) and longer stays in the region, present talks aims to discuss common ideas that run about Afghan Kyrgyz livelihoods by contrasting these with the researcher's own experience.

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