• Martin Saxer


    Martin was a Clarendon scholar at Oxford and received his doctorate in 2010. He was a postdoc at the Asia Research Institute in Singapore and a Marie Curie Research Fellow at LMU Munich. He conducted extensive fieldwork in Siberia, Tibet and Nepal since 2003, directed three feature length documentary films and runs a visual ethnography blog. → More

  • Alessandro Rippa


    Alessandro completed his doctorate in Social Anthropology at the University of Aberdeen with a thesis on the Karakoram Highway and China-Pakistan cross-border interactions. He conducted extensive fieldwork in both China and Pakistan since 2009, and often writes commentary articles for various publications. → More

  • Aditi Saraf


    Aditi completed her doctorate in Cultural Anthropology at Johns Hopkins University. Her thesis examined the endurance of trade and commerce amidst political indeterminacy and military occupation in Kashmir. Combining ethnographic and archival work, her research focuses on the relationship between commerce and sovereignty in the northern and eastern highland frontiers of South Asia as manifested in trade networks, the history of economic regulation, patterns of mobility, and material practices of exchange. → More

  • Carolin Maertens


    Carolin completed her MA in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Tuebingen (Germany) with a thesis on retail trade in the Pamir region of Tajikistan. Her fieldwork experiences include Pakistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Before joining academia Carolin has worked as professional photographer. → More

  • Marlen Elders


    Marlen Elders completed her MA in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the LMU Munich with a thesis on exploring aesthetics and sensory perception. In examining a campsite as an assemblage of force fields, affects and materialities, she experimented with creative research methods, aiming to explore new forms of ethnographic presentation. In 2017 she worked on an exhibition on Munich’s environmental (hi)stories at the Rachel Carson Center. → More

  • Galen Murton


    Galen Murton is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Integrated Science and Technology at James Madison University with teaching responsibilities in the Geographic Sciences Program. He completed his PhD in the Department of Geography at the University of Colorado Boulder (2017) with a dissertation that examines the social and geopolitical impacts of infrastructure projects in High Asia with a close focus on road developments between China and Nepal. → More

  • Victoria Saxer


    Victoria completed her MA in Linguistics and Translation Science at the Institute of Foreign Languages in St.Petersburg, Russia. She spent three years living in China and Singapore. As a translator she worked for various companies as well as academic institutions such as the Ethnographic Museum of Zurich University. → More

  • Tobias Marschall


    Tobias Marschall completed his MA in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen (Germany) with a thesis on descent, heritage making and state-society relation. In examining a local Museum in Kyrgyzstan as a locus for diverse expressions on tradition, he underlined the polysemy and ambivalence in cultural production. He conducted fieldwork in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. → More

  • Lisa Rail


    Lisa Francesca Rail studied Social and Cultural Anthropology at LMU Munich, focussing on theory and enthnography on human-environmental relationships. In 2017 she started a complementary degree course in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. During her graduate degree at McGill she conducted research on the nexus of pastoralism and labour migration in rural Northern Kyrgyzstan. → More

  • Nyima Dorjee Bhutia


    Nyima has completed his MA in Anthropology from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu (Nepal) and is currently working on a MA thesis exploring the relation between the social and physical mobility in the Walungnga community of Upper Tamor Valley, Nepal. His larger aim is to expand this research in order to gain a better understanding of how marginal communities situated at the frontiers of Nepal negotiate changing dynamics within the nation-state and the global sphere. → More

  • Daler Kaziev


    Daler has completed his BA at American University of Central Asia, Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) majoring in the Environmental Management and Sustainability and minoring in Anthropology. His BA thesis is on community resilience and commodification of nature in Eastern Pamirs of Tajikistan since 2015. Currently, he is planning to continue his MA education abroad, searching for an important topic related to human-nature interactions in the Pamir Mountains. → More

  • Matthäus Rest


    Matthäus received his doctorate in anthropology from the University of Zurich in 2014. His thesis dealt with the ramifications of an unbuilt hydropower dam in Nepal. He was a postdoc at the Nepā School of Social Sciences and Humanities in Kathmandu and the University of California, Los Angeles investigating the politics around a delayed drinking water scheme for Kathmandu. → More

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