18 May 2017

Reading Michael Hathaway: Environmental Winds. Making the Global in Southwest China

CARG #10 – tenth session of the Contemporary Anthropology Reading Group

In this tenth session of CARG we read Michael Hathaways’s book on the history of environmentalism in Yunnan, China.

Environmental Winds

Hathaway, Michael J. 2013. Environmental Winds. Making the Global in Southwest China. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Description from University to California Press:

Environmental Winds challenges the notion that globalized social formations emerged solely in the Global North prior to impacting the Global South. Instead, such formations have been constituted, transformed, and propelled through diverse, site-specific social interactions that complicate and defy divisions between 'global' and 'local.' The book brings the reader into the lives of Chinese scientists, officials, villagers, and expatriate conservationists who were caught up in environmental trends over the past 25 years. Hathaway reveals how global environmentalism has been enacted and altered in China, often with unanticipated effects, such as the rise of indigenous rights, or the reconfiguration of human/animal relationships, fostering what rural villagers refer to as “the revenge of wild elephants.”

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